johnny knittle


Using sounds to create living spaces


Johnny Knittle

My audio career started because my parents had a piano, my sister had a guitar, my brother had a drum set, and my grandpa had the record collection of a traveling record salesman… because for part of his career… he was a record salesman and would travel with loads of jazz and blues albums to get them played in radio stations.

The piano was a big influence. I was terrible at it but I was at least talented enough to press and hold a single note and just listen to it decay. This became a sort of obsession of mine. I began playing guitar at age 11 and while practicing would find myself doing the same thing, just listening to notes decay. Something about listening to how subtle the attack and decay variances can be had me pulled in completely.

That obsession continues to this day but now I get to work with others for a living using their vision while sculpting sounds; be they traditional orchestral music, pop song productions, or designing new sounds.