A Faster Way to Find Pre-Delay Time Values

I pay special attention to pre-delay times when mixing. Some people have an exhaustive reference spreadsheet (as do I) displaying how long each note value is in milliseconds. I grew tired of looking at a spreadsheet so I created this trick using TextExpander and Soulver. This lets me see only the time values which matter for my current project and it works out great since I always have Soulver open.

The advantage to doing the times manually rather than tempo-synched is you can adjust them to be a bit longer or shorter so they can stand out a bit more in the mix, adding more feeling.

Here’s my TextExpander code:

    @%filltext:name=BPM% BPM - Delay Time Values

//regular time
4: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%
8: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/2
16: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/4
32: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/8

4: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%*1.5
8: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/2*1.5
16: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/4*1.5
32: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/8*1.5

4: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%*2/3
8: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/3
16: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/2/3
32: 60000/%filltext:name=BPM%/4/3

Here it is in use: