Finding Middle C quickly on your phone with Dropbox and iOS Shortcuts

I come up with a good portion of music while away from an instrument. A tangible note is useful for locating my starting pitch in those situations since I don’t have Absolute Pitch. (Relative Pitch can take over once I have my starting point.) At home I can easily grab a tuning fork, use a piano, or grab whatever instrument. For when those are out of reach I created a button on my phone which plays a middle C. I can use a piano app but found that a nuisance, this has been preferable in my experience.

The few simple steps:

  1. In my phone’s Dropbox app I created a new audio recording and recorded myself playing middle C on the piano. I kept it in the top level folder to make typing its filepath in the next step less burdensome.
  2. Using Apple’s Shortcuts app I created a simple shortcut which gets a file and plays it.
    1. Get File - use Dropbox, grab the middle c file
    2. Play Sound - plays the file passed into it
  3. Add this shortcut to my home screen as a button.

I tried it as a Siri shortcut but it the shortcut ran without actually playing the audio, it just beeped that it had finished. It would be nice to do with Siri but I’m not sure how to fix it and I don’t really care enough to figure it out.

Johnny KnittleComment